Interior Minister: Solutions to Traffic Accidents Demand Commitment from All Concerned Parties

(Phnom Penh): Sar Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Head of National Committee for Road Safety, today January 21, 2020 presided over the annual meeting to review 2019 achievements and set direction for 2020, held at the Ministry of Interior.

He said that commitment is required from all parties to address challenges and reduce the number of traffic accidents and victims.

Therefore, he requested the capital and provincial authorities to work towards the implementation of emergency plan for the prevention and control of road traffic accidents and to carry out other important activities and directions as laid out by the government.

According to a report by the National Road Safety Committee, in 2019, there were 4,121 road accidents nationwide which killed 1,981 people and injured 6,141. On average, there were 5.4 deaths per day.

“Based on the above situation and challenges, we can conclude that by 2020 road accidents will continue to rise and victims will die more if we do not put them off on time and effective remedial measures, ” said by Sar Kheng.

These issues require commitment to address any challenges that are occurring to reduce the number of accidents and the number of victims in a responsible manner.

In order to reduce traffic accidents, Sar Kheng proposed measures such as: strengthening mechanisms at the capital and provincial levels, broadening education outreach activities, strengthening law enforcement measures, strengthening infrastructure management, and promoting regional competition. Particularly in terms of road safety, the ministry needs to strengthen law enforcement forces, make the competition of safety road and promote research on traffic accident to forces in order to get good experience in road safety.

It is worth noting that currently, there are 5,338,394 vehicles in Cambodia, including 4,555,221 motorcycles and 783,173 for all kinds of vehicles. This situation has created challenges such as congestion and traffic accidents, while the development of infrastructure does not meet the demand such as lack of parking space, lack of sidewalk management and lack of road safety equipment.

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