Authorities Issue Directive to Prevent Fire, Explosive Sound in Upcoming Chinese New Year

(Phnom Penh): The Phnom Penh Municipal Administration on January 20, 2020 issued a directive, noting to maintain public order and security during the Chinese New Year which will place from January 24 to 27, 2020.

The directive from the Phnom Penh Administration informs as follows:

1) It is strictly forbidden to sell or light fireworks or firecrackers during Chinese New Year, and all kinds of gambling are forbidden.

2) All institutions, organizations and companies need to maintain security, public order, dignity and caution when burning incense which can cause fire. In case of burning of paper, metal container or a piece of clay should be used to prevent it from burning on the sidewalk or on public roads.

3) From now on, the competent authorities at all levels must take strict measures not to import all swords, firecrackers and weapons to all entrances of Phnom Penh. The authorities need to inspect and remove these items.

4) All authority from every unit shall disseminate to all civil servants, employees, subordinate forces and local people to implement this instruction effectively.

5) The Phnom Penh Department of Cult and Religion is to invite Chinese and Vietnamese associations to disseminate the above content.

6) The authorities including the Phnom Penh Municipal, General Commissariat of National Police, Royal Gendarmerie, and the Special Military Police Command must issue strict orders to their forces for effective implementation.

7)  Anyone who violates this directive or commits a crime that causes social chaos, loss of order, loss security, safety and public order shall be punished according to the law.

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