PM Hun Sen Encourages Japan to Study Mobile and Blockchain Payments in Cambodia

(Phnom Penh): Prime Minister Hun Sen, during a meeting this morning with Kozo Yamamoto, a member of the Japanese House of Representatives, encouraged his counterpart to study the use of mobile and blockchain payments in Cambodia to make it more convenient for users.

During the meeting, the member of Japanese House of Representatives said he had a meeting with the Prime Minister once in 2007 and he was very impressed to see rapid development during his visit to Cambodia.

At the same time, he informed the Prime Minister that his current visit served two main objectives. First objective was to develop blockchain payment in Cambodia. He emphasized that if launched, Cambodia would be the first country to introduce a modern digital system. His second objective was to study about water supply in Phnom Penh while asking for recommendations from the Prime Minister in both issues.

In connection with water issue, the Prime Minister said that Cambodia needs to expand the number of water station as Phnom Penh has grown from 300 square kilometers to more than 600 square kilometers and housing development is growing speedily. Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority is also supplying water to Takhmao city, Kandal province.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister said that the two tasks that need to be done would be to expand water supply capacity for the wider population and expand water supply network to new development areas.

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