PM Hun Sen: Over $100M Received from Donors and Gov’t for Modernization of Calmette Hospital

(Phnom Penh): Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen confirmed on his Facebook page early this morning that the charitable contributions from donors to modernize Calmette Hospital have reached $70,191,994 and ៛32,110,000, as of December 6, and the total fund, including the government’s budget, has increased to over $100 million.

“All compatriots, please be informed that the charitable contributions from donors have reached $70,191,994 and ៛32,110,000, and including the $30 million released by the government, the fund has risen to over $100 million, making it possible for Calmette Hospital to become a multispecialty health center to provide effective treatment to our people,” he wrote.

“I would like to thank all donors who have made a donation to save the lives of our people following my appeal.”

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