Education Ministry: First Day of Grade 12 Exams Goes Smoothly  

(Phnom Penh): The Ministry of Education announced that the first day of grade 12 examinations was successfully concluded. The process went smoothly without any disruption as candidates strictly followed the regulations.

It was confirmed each exam center was organized and orderly under the careful inspection with high responsibility of all employees and volunteers. Only two candidates with an attempt to carry cheat sheets and smart phone with them to the rooms were caught and were declared failed automatically. 43 cases of health issues and 1,700 absentees were reported.

Candidates who opt for science class finished history, biology, chemistry and foreign language subjects while those who select social science class completed environmental science, history, geography and foreign language subjects.

117,043 candidates sit for this year’s grade 12 examinations at 202 exam centers nationwide, according to the Ministry of Education’s statistics.

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