EU Contributes $100M to Support Cambodia’s Fisheries Sector

(Phnom Penh): Prime Minister Hun Sen on Monday met with Goerge Edgar whose term as European Union ambassador to Cambodia has completed at the Peace Palace.

George Edgar, formerly a UK ambassador to Cambodia, has been living in the Kingdom for seven years. During his time here, he has witnessed the great progress of the Kingdom, and in that he also highlighted the important work that the EU has been doing, especially in the agricultural sector.

The EU will contribute over USD 100 million to support the fisheries sector and applauded the government’s decision to ban fishing lots and commitment to eliminate deforestation.  The EU ambassador also mentioned about the contribution to climate change since Cambodia is geographically vulnerable to climate change. He also hailed the achievements in fisheries and forestry sectors.

In response, the Prime Minister also spoke about the end of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, and he thanked the EU for its contribution to justice for the Cambodian people. In particular, not only the people who lost their lives but also the victims who suffered through the regime.

The EU will continue to cooperate closely with the Royal Government of Cambodia, focusing on all aspects, especially to extend partnership at the present and in the future. The Premier further stated that Cambodia will host the Asia-Europe Summit which will be attended by the EU leaders.

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