PM Hun Sen: Peace Allows Citizens to Freely Celebrate Various Festivals

(Phnom Penh): Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen extended his wishes to all Cambodian-Chinese descendants who celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival (Sen Kbal Teok) today.

“According to the Chinese tradition, its descendants celebrate Hungry Ghost Festival today. Owing to peace and prosperity, it is more convenient for all citizens to celebrate their respective beliefs, customs and traditions freely. I would like to wish all compatriots happiness, luck and prosperity,” the Premier wrote on his Facebook page.

Today marks the Hungry Ghost Festival (Sen Kbal Teok). Folklores have it that those who had done wrong deeds on earth or had died unexpectedly would come back as ghosts to wander and scare people.

Chinese communities believe that the gates of hell are flung open to let the tormented souls out to roam on the seventh month of the lunar calendar. Chinese descendants worship their ancestors with assorted offerings of fruits, cooked food and joss paper.

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