PM Hun Sen Provides 7 Recommendations to Deal with Challenges in Media Sector

(Phnom Penh): Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen this morning at the opening session of Asia Media Summit (AMS) held at Sokha Hotel in Siem Reap province from June 12-14 provided 7 key recommendations to deal with challenges in media sector.


The seven key recommendations are:

1. Join to promote regional and global cooperation in order to exchange information, experiences, technological development and physical infrastructure to take advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and to create opportunities in the era of digital technology,

2. Cooperate to enhance cooperation and prevent the spread of disinformation,

3. Strengthen the implementation of code of ethics and avoid the dissemination of information contained offensive words which could cause social chaos,

4. Strengthen cooperation to resolve conflicts of information distribution which could result in chaos and affect the use of digital technology,

5. Improve understanding in both technical and vocational skills in order to keep up with the market demand, the evolution of technology, the media and the evolution of the global situation,

6. Transform traditional media systems to intelligent systems with flexibility to respond to the actual situation and the evolution of modern technology to meet the digital market competition.

7. Develop policy, strategic framework, legal framework for media and digital safety standards, which is a must for data security management in trading and online transactions to prevent cybercrime.

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