Cambodia-Korea Pledge to Strengthen Security, Public Administration Sectors

(Seoul): Sar Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, led a high-level delegation visit the Republic of Korea from April 30 to May 3, 2019. Below is the highlight of his 4-day visit to the Republic of Korea:


On May 1, he held discussion with Korean National Police Agency (KNPA). During the meeting, the head of KNPA approved the request of the Minister of Interior to help provide training to Cambodian National Police on some significant skills to maintain public order and security. Those skills are cracking down transnational crimes, cracking down drug trafficking, management of demonstrations and some technical equipment to support the city’s traffic control.


On May 2, he held talks with Jin Yong, Korean Minister of Interior and Security. The Korean Minister of Interior and Security expressed his commitment to support works as follows:


1. Continuation of cooperation in the field of public administration and security, as defined in the MOUs

2. Supporting the training of Cambodian police on anti-crime skills, management of drugs and demonstrations

3. Provision of traffic management equipment

4. Supporting the National School of Local Administration (NASLA)

5. Supporting the establishment of the National Center for Population Data Management.


On May 3, he visited Korea’s e-government center and met with head of Jae-Jung city administration to find out more about Korean local administration system before leading the delegation back to the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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