PM: “Surviving from Genocidal Regime and Civil War, Cambodia Has Speedily Grown”

(Phnom Penh): Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen recalled the past by writing on his official Facebook page this morning that “Looking at a photo of me and my wife, [I] cannot believe that Cambodia has grown at such a great speed. We were desperate until we liberated from Pol Pot genocidal regime.”


“At present time, as we have witnessed, there are rises of constructions of buildings, roads, flyovers, factories, hospitals, boreys, hotels, shopping malls which have simultaneously taken place. Cambodia had undergone war and genocidal regime, thus we must prevent [war] from happening again.”


“I am delighted and have faith in your efforts and active participation from private sector which has joined and operated diligently to promote livelihood of the people and strengthen national economy,” he wrote. (SN- Lok Samret)

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