The Ministry of Justice Investigated the Vice-President of the Kompong Speu Provincial Court On the Case

Kampong Speu: the Ministry of Justice went down to inspect and investigate immediately on the Vice-President of the Kampong Speu Provincial Court after he was sued by a court clerk who is a disabled person on March 9.
“The Vice-President of the Provincial Court pointed a handgun at me. He put a bullet in a glass of beer and forced me drink it. He threw my walking stick away,” Court Clerk Chiev Kimhak said.

Regarding the complaint, the victim requested Minister Ang Vong Vathana to put measures on Men Vannak and find justice for him who is a disabled person.

Chin Malin, spokesman of the Ministry of Justice, said that the Ministry of Justice went to inspect and investigate on this case and if the ministry finds that Men Vannak really committed like he was accused of, the ministry will send the report to the Supreme Council of Magistracy to continue taking actions and Men Vannak will be responsible for his actions.

According to the victim’s statement in the complaint, during November 2016, he went to have dinner with his friend at a restaurant in Chbar Mon city, Kampong Speu province. At that time, Men Vannak also arrived at the restaurant but he was drunk and shouted in the dinner room that “subordinates came to eat. why didn’t you invite me?” Then, Men Vannak forced him to drink many glasses of beer. When he denied to drink more beer, Men Vannak took his gun to point at his head and his stomach.

Until March 6, 2017, while the victim was having dinner with his friend, Men Vannak was also at the restaurant. Men Vannak took the victim’s walking stick and throw away. Then, Vannak mocked him that “ I threw your walking stick away, wait and see whether or not you can go home?” He [victim] was disappointed that Men Vannak looked down on him in front of many people.