Prime Minister’s Lawyer Demanded  $500,000 Of The Compensation from Kim Sok 

Phnom Penh: Tech, lawyer of Prime Minister Hun Sen, issued a statement in front of the Phnom Penh Municipal Court Building on Monday after submitting a complaint. He said that he filed a complaint against Kim Sok on behalf of Samdech Hun Sen, President of Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), regarding comments made on the forum of Radio Free Asia (RFA) on the night of February 11 criticising the CPP: accusing the CPP of preparing a plan to kill Cambodian subjects and preparing to unjustly seize political power.

“His words were an attack against the CPP, and he has accused the CPP of having prepared a plan to kill Cambodians and having prepared to seize power [from CNRP in next mandate] and also he claimed CPP involvement in the killing of Kem Ley,” said Mr. Tech.
“It’s for these reasons that the CPP cannot abide by Mr. Kim Sok’s slandering, so Samdech, President of the CPP, transferred the right to me to file a complaint against Mr. Kim Sok,” said Mr. Tech.
Mr. Tech added that, “In the complaint, [we] demand the court punish him by to the full extent of the law and also demand pecuniary damages of [approximately] 2 billion riel to compensate the CPP.”
“The speech that Mr. Kim Sok delivered impacted the CPP seriously, specifically the CPP’s reputation for respecting the purity of the justice system.” Mr. Tech clarified that, during the event Mr. Kem Ley’s fatal shooting, both the government and the CPP publically condemned and joined to arrest the suspect and detain him, and that the suspect was currently in prison awaiting future trial.
Mr. Tech said that Mr. Kim Sok used the term Cambodian People’s Party at the beginning of the speech in question, and afterwards used the pronoun ‘they’ to refer to the CPP.
Mr. Tech said that he filed a complaint against Mr. Kim Sok but had not set the charge, so it depends on the court to decide whether to investigate and charge him.
“If a prosecutor reviews the complaint and finds a crime worthy of arrest, the prosecutor will take action,” Mr. Tech said.
Neither Khieu Sopheak, spokesman for the Interior Ministry, nor Kirth Chantharith, spokesman for the National Police, could be reached for comment. Another National Police spokesman, Sarann Komsot, said that, “He did not receive the order yet because he was busy with a mission in the province.”
Mr. Komsot said that, according to principle, the National Police belongs to the state and therefore must protect the government in all matters mandated by law.
“If there’s a legal order from the government, we’ll follow that order,” said Mr. Komsot.

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