Walmart, US Biggest Exporter of Garment Product Enjoys Cambodia’s Stability

(Phnom Penh): Walmart, the US biggest exporter of Cambodia’s footwear and apparel said it enjoys a good relation Cambodian government and good working condition among garment factories here that ensures a strong business environment.

In a letter dated December 6, 2017 and address to Cambodian Minister of Labor and Vocational Training, Executive Vice President of Global Leverage Walmart Scott Price said Cambodia is a key sourcing market for Walmart and promises to order more products from Cambodia including travel product by next year.

“We are happy to share with our experience working with other sourcing markets and to help Cambodian manufactures increase competitiveness, productivity and efficiency,” Mr.Scott Price told Cambodian Labor Minister Ith Sam Heng. Recalling a fruitful discussion during Walmart delegate visited Cambodia and her people working inside the garment factories in November.

“Our growth in Cambodia depends on a strong business environment. Stability, predictivity and rule of law form a cornerstone of our business enagement around the world and allow us to make long-term commitment and investment in a market,” he added.

“In addition, our customers hold us to a high standard and pay attentions to the social and labor conditions in the countries from which we source product. As we are held to to this high standard, we respectfully ask that your government continue to pimproveworking conditions for Cambodian factoriey workers and treat our government and civil society with fairness, in accordance with international standards and norms. Also, we value your work in protecting  and providing rights for Cambodians who chose to work abroad,” said Mr. Scott Price. (Phann Ana)





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