Hun Sen: Police Must Maintain Vigilance over Kim Sok

Phnom Penh: Samdech Techo Hun Sen, prime minster of Cambodia, issued remarks during the inauguration ceremony of Cambodian-Chinese Friendship at Kandal’s Koh Thom district this morning.

Once against, Samdech Tech reminds Cambodian people to maintain peace.

“We keep hold firmly of what we have in hand (A bird in the hand is better than three in the bush). In past experience, letting go of what we have in hand has led to devastation: losing much time and losing many lives. It was very peaceful once, but [the Lon Nol regime] overthrew Samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk’s government and brought the country into war and atrocity. It took a lifetime, generations even, to have the peace we have restored today. Peace is very important, so please maintain our peace. The shadow is bigger than reality. I would like to reaffirm that, at any cost, Cambodia must maintain the peace and anyone intent on destroying peace will be neither tolerated nor forgiven. Please don’t dream of carrying out a color revolution. It is completely impossible. If this happens, we should ready our coffins. This peace came at the cost of many lives, it is not to be taken lightly.”

“Is this an example of freedom of expression? You expressed an opinion implicating Cambodian People’s Party in murder. You accused CPP of killing people. I have brought suit demanding a half million dollars in damages. I signed on my complaint yesterday evening, and my lawyer went to court earlier this morning.”

“Police must follow him closely to prevent him from running away. Must stand watch on him. One senator had to run away to Sweden for making similar allegations. I ordered police to follow him since yesterday, so I hope he doesn’t try to run. The punishment would be only two years in prison and, if there were not enough money to pay damages, then some property would be sold at auction. It is nonsense to allege the CPP kills its own people while it rules the country. It provides no gain. A day ago, this man fled to the Thai border and I found him there by checking his location [on an internet device]. He was trying to escape to Thailand and informed [his relative] that he dares not return home.”

Ky Tech, an attorney representing Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Tech Hun Sen filed a complaint this morning against Kim Sok, a political and social analyst, for his recent comment on US funded broadcaster Radio Free Asia implicating the CPP in the death of Kem Ley.

During Saturday broadcast, Mr. Sok accused CPP of killing Mr. Kem Ley.


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