Open Letter to Concerning International Friends: If you love democracy, do not advise Cambodian politicians to act in ways counterproductive to peace, freedom and independence of Cambodia.

(Phnom Penh): Today, after being freed, Kem Sokha welcomed French and US ambassadors to his residence. Following the meeting, the diplomats appreciated a widening political space and Kem Sokha’s freedom of expression and travel. Kem Sokha hailed his plans to travel to parts of Cambodia.

Even if freed Mr. Kem Sokha is under court investigation and supervision. Therefore, as a citizen of peace, freedom, respect for the rule of law, and Cambodia’s sovereignty, I would like to suggest the followings for honest and equal cooperation between our countries:

First of all, please remember that the Kingdom of Cambodia is a pluralist democracy and a constitutional monarchy with the motto, “Nation, Religion and King” and a guiding principle of “Internal Reform, Increasing Outward Friendship under an Independent Spirit.”

Cambodia has set the regular elections every five years according to the principles laid in the Paris Peace Accords. Any politics that run counter to the motto, principles and calendar above such as attempting a coup to overthrow a legitimate government is against democracy and freedom. In countries around the world, including yours, such dangerous actions would be brought the masterminds and supporters to the forefront of national legal action to ensure the stability of the state and the well-being of the people.

International friends must sincerely join and assist the Royal Government and the people of Cambodia to prevent and prosecute any of the above offenses in eliminating rebels and terrorists who are the dangerous to domestic and world peace.

It is important to note that people of every country have different histories, cultures and attitudes towards socio-economic problems, especially the complicated and emotionally laiden political questions. Political and civil rights are recognized differently. Therefore, respect for independence and national sovereignty of each nation, as espoused in the UN Charters, is the right course of action to ensure a world free from interference and the introduction of dual or multiple standard of politics. A vibrant Cambodian democracy, which is of great value to the Cambodian people, must not be degraded by geopolitics.

It is vital to be patient for democracy, human rights and freedom to grow in Cambodia. International friends have a duty to improve bilateral and multilateral relations between our countries so that our peoples can reap the benefits in this cozy relations. Do not take any actions or any presents of an image that may misconstrue diplomats are political advisors behind the counter. Most importantly, please do not advise Khmer politicians and violent activists to act for “human rights and democracy,” as you term it, but in fact destroys peace, freedom, stability and independence of their country.

In the case of Kem Sokha, who has been confused between how democratic competition can be done with the actual overthrow of a legitimate government, foreign diplomats should open their mind and join us in understanding the judicial process and why Kem Sokha did such politics.

Healthy democracy is an important part of Cambodia. Also, please join us in making peace in Cambodia a cornerstone for ensuring the progress of democracy, building a culture of participatory democracy and ensuring regular national and subnational elections as scheduled. Morality and integrity create opportunities for growth in human resources and economy.

In addition, Cambodia, as a sovereign state, can contribute to the world, share basic experiences of building, protecting and preserving world tangible and intangible cultural heritages, the Angkor Wat, the Royal Ballet and others as well as sharing with the world the lessons of peacemaking, peacekeeping and peacebuilding with the guiding light of our genius Prime Minister Hun Sen.

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