A Warning Letter by Chhang Song, Former Cambodian Minister of Information

(Long Beach, California): I have posted the article as it has appeared today on my page, but I wish to warn that it did not say anything about the responsibility of the HUN SEN Government to maintain peace and order in the face of the assault from the opposition. 

We all should understand that the government’s attempt to maintain peace and order can become increasingly frantic as Opposition Leader SAM RAINGSY has approached his self-fixed dateline of November 9 to enter Cambodia and further incite the population to overthrow Prime Minister  HUN SEN and his government.

I’m warning as strongly as possible that, in spite of the Opposition’s claim to adhere to a peaceful change and democracy,  peace won’t last and democracy won’t be restored in this manner. Worst of all, the current excitement and attempt to overthrow the government by the Opposition can spark violence and plunge Cambodia into a renewed bloody conflict. 

I’m praying outside powers to stay out of the Cambodian problem and not to use opposition rhetoric of self-defense for providing arms and ammunition to the opposition.

Chhang Song, Long Beach, CA, 7 November 2019

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